Predictive Policing Essay

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Technology is found in every aspect of human life. Technology has become a productive ally in assisting police in fighting crime. CompStat, short for “Computer Comparison Statistics,” was created in the 90’s, it is an information system used to offer assistance in managing police operations. CompStat and CompStat-like technology makes use of databases and GIS technology to record and track criminal and police activity. Data is analyzed to identify areas lagging or needing more attention. Prior to Information technology time and monetary resources were strained to cruise areas assigned to police officers after it was divided among the precinct. With inflation of the price of gas, cruising in low crime areas would not be cost effective. Having technology like CompStat to give “hot spots” for patrolling would give the police force what areas should be patrolled, the times, and how many officers should be placed in high target areas. Prior methods would likely adopt a strategy of handle crime as it is called in/reported into the police department. Now police agencies are able to adjust their methods to maximize their limited resources, deployment issues, and other issues that challenge their ability to provide quality public service and implement crime strategies. In general CompStat gathers data from local as well as state and federal agencies. “To achieve organizational effectiveness in crime reduction, Compstat-like systems have been adopted to measure police performance in assigned areas using traditional crime indicators such as arrests, crime incidents, clearances and calls for service.” (Rosenbaum, et al., 2014) The overall flexibility and adaptability of the program makes it a suitable tool for managing virtually any organizational function in many types of organizations. Compstat is a multifaceted approach to management (Henry, 2014) while looking at

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