Predictive Policing Essay

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Predictive Policing Strayer University CIS 500 Information Systems for Decision Making Abstract This paper researches COMPuter STATistic (CompStat). CompStat is a crime fighting strategy in which is used to locate where different crimes are occurring and map problem areas. Different agencies are using this method to predict future crimes so that the crimes can be prevented. This is called predictive policing. In this paper information technology will be discussed and how it is optimized in police departments to reduce different crimes. It will also be compared to random patrolling on the streets and which one is more effective. The four basic functions of CompStat will be discussed and each function will be described. There are many tools in which police departments can use to respond to crime quicker. These tools involve information systems for example CompStat. Lastly this paper will go over the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat analysis that intend to implement predictive policing. Predictive Policing Application of Information Technology in Police Departments Information technology (IT) optimizes police departments’ performance to reduce crime versus random patrols on the streets. Using this method can be very effective in preventing crime. The method of CompStat has been a very successful process. This software is a top notch program that is a method of management accountability, and a philosophy of crime control (Godown 2009). Many police departments do use this method to account in reducing crime. It is overall a process of organized problem solving that has commitment and consistency, which leads to the positive outcome of recurring incremental reductions of crime. A method in which allows foot patrols in the

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