Predicting The 21St Century Essay

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The history of the twentieth century is marked by many major changes in politics, technology and lifestyle, which significantly affected the face of human society. The twentieth century saw the development of sovereignty and democracy on a global scale; the invention of the computer and all of its subsequent accessories; and the adoption of a modern urban lifestyle. The first ten years of the twenty-first century have undoubtedly been tumultuous. It has witnessed sinister incidents and events, such as terrorist attacks, wars in the Middle East and natural disasters of epic proportions. Looking to the past to predict the future, it can be argued that the following issues will characterize the history of the twenty-first century. Firstly, as our sources of water are depleting, it can be argued that wars may be waged over water. Secondly, as a result of the increased number of terrorist attacks, human society will become increasingly panic-stricken and paranoid. Additionally, global prejudice towards Arabs and Muslims will reach unprecedented high levels, as a consequence of terrorism. Thirdly, the population will decline significantly in the twenty-first century, changing the face of modern families. Lastly, as technology continually advances, human society will become increasingly socialized within and dependent on a technological world. Indeed, these arguments paint a rather negative picture of the future of human society, however there are some positive aspects, like that of technological advancement that will characterize the twenty-first century. Water is an absolute necessity of life, and yet sources of water around the world are depleting. Tickell explains that no resource is in greater demand than fresh water and this demand doubles every twenty-one years (3). Additionally, as the population has expanded, the amount of water has remained the

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