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Class 46C 1st Assignment Predicting Performance Assignment No. 1 Mohamed Mostafa El-Shimy Problem Definition: How to predict students’ performance who are admitting to College. Justification for Problem Definition:  School grades does not have fixed measures due to the variance of quality and different demands of high schools.  Inadequacy of students’ selection criteria.  Questioning SAT’s validity as a criteria for students admission to college in the following points: o Test anxiety the pressure of the SAT exam is great. o Biased results due to test coaching courses and discrimination against minorities, the poor, and those who have had limited access to cultural growth experiences. List of Alternative course of action: First alternative:  Changing percentages of student selection criteria and introducing a pure intelligence test. Second alternative:  Performing a one on one personal interview in high schools with 10% from the total score. Third alternative:  Performing a standard exam to assess high school grades and offering a free SAT test-coaching courses for candidates. Alternative Evaluation:  First alternative: Decreasing SAT and high school grades percentages and introducing a pure intelligence test as follows: o High school grades (30%) o SAT (20%) 2|Page o Pure intelligence test (30%) o Extra-curricular activities and achievements (10%) o The quality and creativity of a written theme submitted with the application (10%) This will lead to: o Reducing SAT test anxiety. o Decreasing high school grades dependency. o Evaluating candidates through pure intelligence test, which eliminate discrimination against minorities.  Second alternative: Decreasing SAT by 10% and substituting them with the one on one personal interview with minimum score of 3% in order to continue with the SAT exam. This will lead to: o Reducing SAT test

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