Precise Language the Giver Essay

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1. The language of the Community is sometimes very precise and other times not very precise. It is precise because they have to say exactly what they are thinking and they are taught to choose their words very carefully. Also, they don't have sarcasm or exaggeration. This is because it may be rude and it may confuse people. The language is not precise because they use generic words. For example, they call all medicine used for pain relief of pain medication, while our society has different names for all the medicines. Also they call all newborns newchildren, making it seem like the child is just new, there is no birth involved. “dwelling” A dwelling is where a family in the Community lives. It is a euphemism for home. The connotation of dwelling is very strict. It reminds people of the wild and bears. It is not safe and it is cavelike. It seems unwelcoming and it is practical, but not personal. In our world, we use home instead of dwelling. To us, home is a safe place, it reminds us of all the good things, it is a haven. The Community probably uses the word dwelling because the home is not personal. It gets reused by many families and they all look reasonably the same. Also, the dwelling is just used as a place for the family to eat and sleep, not much else. “Eleven” Jonas is an Eleven. He is eleven years old. In the Community being an Eleven is a euphemism for being eleven years old. All children born in the same year are considered to be the same age and all become a Twelve together, in December during the Ceremony of Twelve. The connotation of being called an Eleven is that that is you. It is a label, a way of grouping, and it has no distinction. In our community we would say that a person is eleven years old. This shows that it is a characteristic of a person, and it is distinct. The Community uses Eleven because it wants everyone to be grouped and
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