Precious Rose Essay

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In a dark red room, a lone ex-Akatsuki member was flicking his fingers lazily in time with the slow music playing in the background. His fingers were attached to a certain girl with pale pink hair. Sakura looked up at him, pain and tears stinging her emerald eyes, on her emotionless face. With a flick of his wrist, her body jumped, landing gracefully one the wooden floor below her. The tears had fallen, staining her white corset. As she danced, black ribbon flowed from it, entrancing itself in the wind, flowing around the snow-white skirt she was wearing. As the music ended, Sasori clasped her gloved hands, smiling lightly to her. "That was beautiful….though….one would not expect less from the flower of Konoha." He gently twirled his fingers from the ribbon falling around her, as if being thoughtful. Finally he let them drop, spinning her and pulling her in a sort of forced waltz. Sasori smiled, pulling her close, breathing in the scent he loved. It was her fault; after all…if he had never met her….he would still be with them…the Akatsuki. His ocean eyes closed, as he was reminded of that memory…the betrayal on Itachi's face…the pain of a lost love on Deidara's…it pained him…made it worse than it already was. But the flower in his arms made it all the worthwhile. Losing both his families…his first lover…she was worth it. Suddenly, he swirled her out, watching her skirt flow around her legs, as her light pink hair slid around her face, it looked beautiful up in the bun while slightly curled. It was her fault. Her fault for entrancing him so. And to make her pay for it, he turned her to a puppet. One of his 'toys' as Kisame called them. This way she would stay with him forever. Her beauty would be eternally his. As the music stopped, he grabbed her shoulders roughly, pressing her to the closest wall. "I know of your plans…and I know they

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