Preceptor Essay

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Preceptor I had the opportunity to precept a nurse transferred from 3A to the Cath Lab. It was the first time I had assumed this responsibility and it was a learning process for both of us. From the beginning I felt like it was easy to talk to her because we had some things in common. She and I both came to the Cath Lab after returning from maternity leave and both had beautiful baby girls. I knew well the stress of returning to work and having to leave your brand new little angel in the care of others. Before coming to the Cath Lab I had experienced multiple areas of nursing in multiple facilities as a travel/contract nurse. The Cath Lab was completely different than any other department I had ever worked in. It was more difficult to grasp because of the plethora of supplies and equipment to learn. I tried to make her feel welcomed and valued as a professional. There were many things that were new to her other than the supplies and equipment such as taking an on-call rotation. Call can be intimidating at first if one isn’t used to it but she quickly adapted to it and was comfortable and confident. Early on I made a point to introduce her to our fellow coworkers and show her where things were stored on the unit. I found it essential to reassure her that critical thinking comes with time and repetition. The old saying “see one, do one, teach one” goes without saying. I feel I assisted her transition to be a smooth one. Mentorship and preceptorship go hand in
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