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Running head: PARENTING 1 PARENTING Treanda Smith SHORTER UNIVERSITY CONCEPTS OF HEALTH HPEA 1500 AS305 DR. KILEY MORGAN PARENTING 2 ABSTRACT As a Parent we need to be careful on how we raise our children, and who we make responsible for caring for our children when we are not around. I don’t like watching the news and hearing about a mother leaving her child with a boyfriend, and he or she ends up killing the baby. I don’t know how many times I have heard of this happening. Being able to have a child is a blessing, so we have to make sure we are ready to have children. We have to make sure that we put our life in order so that we have enough time to do what we need to do for that child. We worry about their health and their education, we also want people to know that you can still be a parent even if you have to adopt. A child is a child no matter if they were born to you or you adopted them. PARENTING 3 Can anyone become a parent? This question has been asked several times among people that are just having a general conversation, whether you’re having a child natural or if you’re going to adopt a child, you deserve to be a parent. A women and a man deserve to become parents. Becoming a parent takes lots of love and patience. Becoming a parent takes a lot of self skills. I can remember being told I was expecting a child, my heart was beating so fast, just the thought of becoming someone’s parent or being responsible for someone else scared me to death. Your whole life has to change; you have to change your days and your nights. As a parent you also so have to change your living habits and your eating habits. By changing your living habits, you have to make sure that your home is baby proof, this means you have to put electric stoppers in

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