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Pre-calculus 13 November 2011 Goblin portfolio entry For this entry I was asked to find the seventh generation family tree for the male goblin. I then had to figure out how many goblins will be in the tenth generation. This problem of the week took me a week to complete. In the problem it tells me that a male goblin has one female parent, and a female goblin has two parents, one male and one female. The question that I had to answer was “how many goblins will each generation produce?” Well for the seventh generation male, they will produce 13 goblins. The tenth generation of male will produce 55 goblins. I selected this work sample because it was very challenging for me and I worked really hard to try and get the right answer. This demonstrates my best work because like I said I took time doing it and worked really hard to explain the answer and how I got it. For this problem of the week I learned how to make a seventh generation family tree and how to figure out what that answer was. I also know how to make a table and a diagram to explain my answer. I am going to apply the skills I learned by using them in other classes. Also if a teacher gives me a problem that I have to make a diagram or a table for, then I will know how to do it. I specifically met the 21st century graduation expectation 2.1 working cooperatively and/or independently because I worked really hard to get the answer and just doing the problem without any distractions. I also worked independently because I worked at home alone to get my work done and for it to be accurate. My work demonstrates proficiency in M(N&O) 4 solving problems because in order to get an answer to the question that was given I would have to solve the problem using a diagram or a table or even make a family tree. I also have to use math to do this problem to get the answer. By doing that, it will help me solve the

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