Preamble To The Constitution And The 6 Goals Essay

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I think the goal to “Establish Justice” is the most important. Two big movements that helped the United States establish justice are the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the African American Civil Rights Movement. Although many other countries look at our country as free of discrimination, there is still discrimination today. I think there is never going to be a time where there is not discrimination. I think that minorities are not being able to get the equal amount of justice in cases and in court as other races. The second most important I think is to “Form a more Perfect Union.” As our country was being founded there were many obstacles we had to overcome to become the free nation we are today. We struggled with slavery, poverty, discrimination, and many other things, but I think that because of very strong individuals we have been able to join as a whole nation. I know there are still acts of discrimination and poverty and many other things but I think we continue to try and grow and do what we can to lessen these things. But, as the Preamble to the Constitution reads, we can always be working to “form a more perfect Union.” There will always be room for improvements, and I think that things are being improved slowly but are as each year progresses. The third most important I think is to “Promote the General Welfare.” This makes everyone works together for the common good. I see many people promoting general welfare through volunteer groups and such things. An example is when Hurricane Katrina hit. There were many people around the country doing what they could to help out. People running food drives, clothes drives, and donating the profits to American Red Cross, and donating different supplies, are some things that were done to help out with Hurricane Katrina. Often through schools we have different fund raisers, food drives, etc. to be donated to nearby

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