Preamble Of The Constitution Essay

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Appreciate It People exist together almost completely free of fear in the US, usually complaining about things like taxes, money, and how someone thinks of someone else. Just think of countries like Israel, where war is everywhere. If we couldn't protect ourselves, we would be in chaos.  Our founding fathers insured us one very important ideal in the Preamble of the Constitution. Providing for the common defense has made us free of fear, a more able capitalistic state and a stable society for our future leaders. With the common defense, we have are free from worry at almost all times. The last time we have had a war on our land was the civil war, and that was almost 150 years ago. We walk around our cities and towns concerned hardly of death by foreign attack, as apposed to countries with a weaker military. The reason we weren't attacked before September 11th is because people are afraid to attack us for very good reasons. We will fight back, a thousand times harder, and they will loose. If we didn't have this kind of defense, how could we live our lives the way we do? Freedom from fear is something very important to our way of life. Which leads us to why we are able to have Capitalism the way that…show more content…
Freedom of fear, right to capitalism, and stability for future generations brings us our most important ideal from out beloved Preamble, "providing for the common defense". Freedom of fear has given people the comfort to live their lives as safely as they choose. Capitalism holds the basis for society, and protecting that is detrimental to our way of life. If nothing else, you will see the need for protection in your children, and understand why the military is so necessary. Sure, the petty things will always happen, but remember why you can base your life around such minuscule things: your government has guaranteed your right of life by providing for the common defense. Appreciate
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