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Preamble of the Constitution In the constitution, the beginning of the document states what our founding fathers had wanted to uphold. It was a simple paragraph that gave a new meaning to what the United States was going to stand for. An issue with the preamble today is whether the six stated goals are still being used in our society today. Although some may be far more established, one of the things our country takes to heart is “establishing justice”. Whether it be through the people or the government, justice is always fought for and established in the united states. Just like woman fought for equal rights, and minorities did too, we are an evolving nation that is young and still learning. The United States has grown a great deal within the short amount of time that it has been around. We have gone from slavery to equal right for all people. our country is not fully cleansed of discrimination but our ability to remove it by such a great deal is worth noticing. During times of racial segregation the U.S imposed different laws for minorities. Being unjust and unfair, people took an uprising to establish justice within society. If we as a people didn’t have the ability to adapt and change our country would be no where near what it is. That being said that is why now we have equal rights for all people. We as a people not only try to establish justice here in our own country but to bring it to others as

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