Pre-Modern Appalachian Culture Essay

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Traditional Farm Life in Pre-Modern Appalachia The Appalachian area of the United States has always been the source of great myth and sad imagery. People associate locations like the hills of Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia with images of hillbillies, moonshine, and poorly educated Americans. They think of families growing up with poverty, bare feet, and outhouses, and of generations of American who have been largely isolated from the progress our nation has made over the past 200 years. These images are unfortunate because they create a false impression about the overwhelming majority of the current Appalachia population. While there may be just enough shade of truth to maintain the stereotype, it just doesn’t reflect today’s Appalachian native any more than it did the traditional farmer in pre-modern Appalachia. The Appalachian region extends through eleven states stretching from Mississippi in the south to New York in the north. Much of the population is descended from Irish and Scottish immigrants who settled the mountainous region in…show more content…
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