Pre Marital Sex Essay

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their perception about sex, such as in the case of live-in and getting married sooner or later after giving birth to the children.Aside from the ones already mentioned, peers also have a big impact on an individual’s perceptions. Nonconformity, thrill-seeking, and peer group pressure are all very influentialfactors during adolescence and even in adulthood (Roediger et al, 1998). Combined with anemerging sexual maturity, the youth are certainly vulnerable to having sex at an early age.Singson (2008) also noted that peers have greater influence than parents do. Since the parentsand the child may have awkward feelings of talking about sex, peers greatly affect the child’sthinking. This may not happen in adults anymore but it is a fact that peers, Singson further noted,exert pressure and expect an individual to conform to the rest of them. Moreover, a study presents that close association with sexually active peers seems to influence an individual’ssexual behavior (Laguna, 2001). It was evidently shown as higher prevalence of premaritalintercourse was noted among those whose friends had already sex experiences. It is important tomention that this was observed for both females and males. As a matter of fact, Frias (2001)mentioned that association with a sexually experienced friend was figured out to be one of thestrongest risk factor to premarital intercourse.Lastly, exposure to media is also a major factor in committing premarital sex. It isneedless to say that almost everyone is aware of the media particularly the optical media. Interms of the effects of mass media on sexual behavior, exposure to any of its form is associatedwith higher prevalence of premarital sex (Laguna, 2001). Though it was found that males hadhigher rate of sexual encounter after exposure to it, females are not excused. What people see onTV, magazines, internet and other forms of media is most

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