Pre-Columbian Natives

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History 17A Study Guide #1 Pre-Columbian Natives 1. The Americas’ alleged “Neolithic” (New Stone Tool) or Farming Revolution 2. ”Classic Era” Mesoamerican societies 3. Pre-Columbian Native present-day U.S. “civilized” status 4. How do Captain John Smith’s, William Bradford’s & Van Der Donck’s descriptions of the Natives differ from that of Christopher Columbus in 1492? Spanish & French Colonization 5. The Black Legend 6. Present-day U.S. territories officially “claimed” by Spanish “explorers” or adelantados 7. Spanish legacies 8. Black Majority on early colonial South Carolina 9. French & Spanish Colonial Louisiana & Texas as “disorderly” 10. Class Point on French relations with Native Americans along…show more content…
Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony… 27. Alleged contributions from Protestant Christians in New England (particularly Mass. Bay Colony) 28. Alleged problems connected to colonial New England 29. Revisionist data on New England policy toward Natives 30. Roger Williams has been praised by some historians for… Basic Identification & Chronological Knowledge 31. Spanish claims to North America in the 1500s? (Explorers) 32. Why are 1607 & 1619 considered significant dates in colonial Virginia’s history? 33. Distinguish Pilgrims from Puritans! 34. Who was the man who allegedly bought the island of Manhattan on behalf of the Dutch West India Company, from the wrong tribe for $24? 35. How did William Penn work at keeping peace with the Delaware, Susquehannock, & other tribes? 36. What lesson, according to class, does “Black Turk Van Salee” of New Netherlands allegedly demonstrate? 37. What lesson derived from Governors Bienville & Kerlerec of French Louisiana? 38. Spanish “Sacred Expedition” of 1769? 39. Why were the 1530s, 1608 & 1662 significant in the establishment of French colonial America? 40. What happened to New Netherlands in
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