Pre-Columbian American Indians

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Pre-Columbian American Indians Pre-Columbian American Indians molded and influenced the land around them in numerous ways. Their lives were simple but they accomplished so much. They put value in their tribes and providing for their own either by hunting and gathering or just teaching survival skills. They put emphasis on their spiritual beliefs and being true to their land was a big part of that belief. American Indians believed if they took care of nature that nature would take care of them. They depended solely on themselves and nature to survive. Even though the world has become far more modern the survival skills from the American Indian culture haven’t been totally forgotten. American Indians had created ideas in the way people farmed, hunted, gathered, fished, built architecture and worked the land. American Indians cultivated new strains of crops and built irrigation systems that allowed them to farm in the driest of deserts. Some tribes, such as the Pueblo of the Southwest depended solely on agriculture for their food. Others such as the Plains Indians depended entirely on hunting.1 Most American Indians gathered acorns and ground them into bread meal, fished the rivers and ocean shores, hunted dear and other mammals. American Indians also improved hunting and fishing techniques and crafted more efficient weapons and tools.1 Indians from the coastal area first constructed canoes from bundles of tule reeds for inshore fishing, as their tools became more efficient their canoes then were constructed from planks. In the Pacific Coast region craftsmen developed specialized tools that allowed them to increase their woodworking skills. They were able to build plank houses and better canoes for sea fishing. American Indians developed architecture suited to the environment and the season. As their craftsmanship grew so did their architecture. Most

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