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Prayer In Public Schools Adding prayer in public school is a touchy subject for many people. They have always disagreed about the proper relationship between the religion and education/church and state. It puts parents, teacher and administrators at odds, even the littlest discussions spiral into heated argument about moral compasses, crime rates and the constitution. Many believe that with adding prayer in schools it’s crossing a line between the separation of church and state. “National polls regularly indicate that as much as 80% of the nation consistently favors returning prayer to school. (Barton 1997; Rose and Gallup 1998; Loconte 1995; Kathan 1989; Walsh 2001) School prayer has always played a major role in maintaining a religious consensus. There are positive things about having prayer in schools. Schools allow “See You At The Poles” giving students the ability to pray with other at the flag pole in the school yard. Students are allowed to start school clubs, they can pray, meet and discuss their spirituality. They will be able to feel like they don’t have to hide who they really are. “Currently students do have the right to pray in school. This can be alone or in a group, as long as the activity does not disrupt the school or infringe upon the rights of others. (Romanowski) Praying and discussing religion with others is okay as long as the teacher doesn't start the conversations or join in on it. Although with having prayer in school it should not be mandatory. Students should have the right to participate. It allows students to not have to leave their religion at the door. When teaching students about prayer, discuss faith, pray and read the bible with them. Include them in your daily walk with Christ. While doing so let them figure out their own faith without mom and dad camping on their style. Talk to your children about their beliefs, you may

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