Prayer in Schools Essay

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Sometimes people are blind to the impact on the conflicts we are really dealing with: (Mayer, 2012 pg 92) The reason I am choosing my conflict on prayer is because the challenges we face as people in the school system and also outside the school system. School boards all around the world are being overly deterministic “culture determines conflict behaviors, realistic pg 93” April 1962 prayer in schools went all the way to the Supreme Court (Paul G .Kauper) this started before I was born. June of 1962 they made the cognitive decision to allow it in schools at that time. They went to court on behalf of Michigan vs. New York because American traditions were being questioned and the majority wanted that. Now prayer of any kind during school or during any event is unconstitutional. It affects all of society today, stated in “Creation Today” (Since prayer was eliminated from public schools, the quality of education has shown a steady statistical decline.) Our nation was founded on the 1st Amendment and if you open up a history book today they talk about this. Negative behaviors and feelings of children are being hurt today because the order of values and their needs have been taken away. The conflict that I selected is dear to my heart and also a lot of other families that believe prayer should be allowed back into the school system because as we see on the news , children , teachers and people that should still be living are now gone. It is not to say this would not stop but it would allow the children to be able to bring their religious beliefs within themselves and not have to hide it. If they wanted to share it, they should be able to because freedom of speech. When the shootings after math came (Connecticut) they allowed prayer and people coming in to help the children and faculty out. On an emotional level they would already be able to come together in bad

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