Prayer In Schools

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With respect to the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment, how do you feel about led prayer in public schools? The 1st Amendment states the freedom of religion, speech, press and assembly. There are two parts to it, the free-exercise clause and the establishment clause. The free exercise clause says that Congress won’t make any law not allowing the free exercise of religion. The establishment clause says that Congress won’t make a law “respecting an establishment of religion. For many, many years there have been many controversies over the issue of prayer in public schools. The main argument is not necessarily about whether students are able to pray or not but if the teachers and people in charge at the school are allowed to lead students in prayer. Prayer can affect students in a good way but can also interfere with the rights of people from the 1st amendment. The United States was built on the Supreme being by the Founding Fathers. Over the years lots of thing have changed. It is not common for a person to talk about Christianity in school or practice their values and pray in front of people. In 2000 a law was made by the Supreme Court that prayer does not belong in public schools; even if the students in the school lead the prayer. The judges decided that prayer can’t be lead at any high school football games. The coach cannot lead a team prayer. You have to get permission to say any kind of prayer. Prayer can also not be lead over the intercom system in public schools. There also cannot be a prayer said at high school graduations. There cannont be any prayers said at school assemblies by teachers or students; it is said to be unconstitutional. They are not going by what the 1st amendment says about a individuals rights of to freedom of religion and speech. They are taking their freedoms away from them. I think that

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