Oral Defense Thesis Paper

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PRAYER Thank you, Lord for your guidance and love. Thank you for this opportunity to present my Thesis. Thank you for giving me these Panelists who will help me improve the study. Thank you for my adviser, who invested her time in my work. Secondly, help me in my defense. May I not be overly-sensitive when offered correction , but may I also know the difference between personal opinion and areas where I clearly could have done better. May I listen to the council of my elders, and may the defense be a reasonably edifying experience for all involved. Bless my advisor, and bless my panelists.. Thank you for their investment in reading and commenting on my work. Please help us, as we meet this day, to draw closer to you and to each other,…show more content…
Amen. How do I prepare for my oral defense? The oral defense is what makes or breaks you. If you are positive and in charge, you are more likely to enroll your committee. If you are polished and powerful, you will gain the respect of your committee, and they will be more likely to support you. If you have good presentation skills, your audience is much more likely to take you seriously. So if you are afraid of public speaking, practice with a good coach to prepare for a positive experience. The golden rule for success at your orals is to practice and polish your presentation and have good visual aids. Take every opportunity you can find to speak about your project in front of a group. This kind of practice will quickly improve your presentation skills. Three Strategies for Preparing for Your Oral Defense: 1. Know your audience.Try to talk to each of your committee members before the meeting so you know what their concerns are AHEAD OF TIME. It is much easier to prepare your response ahead of time rather than respond in the moment. Find out from other students about the kinds of concerns each of your committee members might ask
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