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Prayer Essay

  • Submitted by: rajafred
  • on March 31, 2011
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Role of prayer, scripture, sacrament, rituals etc in the process of healing
Every human in our society are wounded in one or other way. Medical and religion are intervening system in restoring the normal wellbeing from suffering.   Medical is a facility from God to get healing. Medicine concentrates its attention on physical conditions and neglects the mental ones. The religion cures the patients’ body without any side effect. Moreover it also heals the person as a whole. So religions play significant role in healing the wounds and pains of human.   When a pastor tries to help the people, he uses religious resources particularly in bring solution to the problems.
Meaning of Healing
When we look healing at different angle, it has various meanings. According to L.k.Graham “Healing is a process of restoring bodily well-being, emotional wholeness, mental functioning, and spiritual vitality.” Healing is not only connected with physical but it is associated with emotional, mental, spiritual etc. Francis mentioned in a different way that Today the word healing is used to describe all kinds of things, from acts of reconciliation and justice in nations and societies.
Healing also has religious meaning that goes beyond physical well-being.   Martin Luther observed that healing was very closely linked to the forgiveness of sins. God creates all things good and who oversees creation through divine love will forever be a God of healing. God heals through the natural processes of the body, through developments in biomedical technologies. Moreover, through the skilful work of people who care for people in society and no doubt that religion also play very significant role in bringing healing to humanity.
Biblical view of healing
For Christian healing has its roots in the Old Testament. Fundamental to Hebrew beliefs that disease and healing belong to God alone. Health was viewed as a blessing from God and illness was regarded as punishment. Israelites saw...

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