The Pravda Essay

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Analysis of Squealer In the book Animal Farm, by George Orwell, a particular pig named Squealer portrays and reflects the Russian propagandists and the newspaper (the Pravda) and had a great influence in the plot of Animal Farm. Being a stout, pink pig with a monocle, he skips around when arguing and talking. The role played by Squealer was devious and cunning, and was provided by with an absolute number of lies. Squealer justifies monopolization of resources and spreads false statistics throughout the farm. Based on his actions, speech, and what others comments about him, one can conclude Squealer’s attributes include manipulation, the skill of being a brilliant talker, and overall a propagandist. As one can see, Animal Farm exposes the truth about the Russian Revolution and mirrors a modern dystopia in which Squealer plays an important position. To begin, one of Squealer’s main attributes is manipulation and slyness. First, when no one is looking, he alters the commandments. Squealer changes the commandment from “No animal shall sleep in beds” to “No animal shall sleep in beds with sheets.” This action shows how sly and furtive he was by doing it. To add, he said that the windmill was originally Napoleon’s idea, when he knew it was Snowball’s plan. This was sly because he did it for Napoleon’s and his own gain. Also, Squealer cast an ugly, sly look at Boxer. This foreshadows the horses’ death and how sneaky he was. Many animals also stated that he was sly. Squealer is also manipulative when he said, “Are you certain that this is not something you have any record of such resolution? Is it written down somewhere?” Squealer tries to manipulate the animals to trade, so he tried to make it look like there idea. Evidently, Squealer uses his skills of manipulation to control the animal’s life. Squealer is the ideal propagandist for any totalitarianism. To begin,
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