Prarie Widow Essay

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The story I am presenting to day is the Prairie Widow found on pg 39. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: First I am going to talk about the author, Paul Yee. Who was born in Saskatchewan. He is a Chinese Canadian of the third gen. who grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has worked as an Archivist and a Policy Analyst for the Government of Ontario. Over the years he came a known writer of children’s literature. Because he had a typical Chinese Canadian childhood he is determined allow the readers to understand the struggles that each culture must endure when migrating to Canada, as there seems to continuously be the issue of inerasable differences and displacement that each family may feel when coming to a new country to live. He wants the readers to know about it but also stick it out and persevere. THE THEME: Paul Yee tells a story of one women’s survival , and her triumph of victory from defeat. A theme in which we all share as individuals through our struggles in life. PLOT STRUCTURE/SETTING: Plot begins with Gum-may arriving from China to Wilding in 1950, the events to do not occur in chronological order. WHAT ARE THE MAIN ISSUES AND IDEA’S: In this short story I believe that the author states such common issues we as North Americans still share, in today’s society; issues of Racial Discrimination, displacement; and personal dependency are all illustrated by sharing and representing these issues through Gum-may Yee’s own thoughts as she defines each of these issues and how these issues comply with her struggles as a dependent Chinese wife. HOW THE AUTHOR PRESENTS THE IDEA’S AND ISSUES: It is told through the protagonist, namely, Gum-May Yee. She illustrates this by her own thoughts throughout this story. The author presents the issues using props such as the items that are in the tin can. Each photo or item reminds her of a
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