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“PROTECTING CHILDREN’S RIGHTS IN THE INFORMATION SOCIETY” • Equal access to new information technologies, including for disadvantaged children; • Education and training for competent and responsible conduct in internet; • Access to Internet materials of social and cultural benefit to children; • Freedom of speech and right to information through the new information and communication technologies; • Protection from harmful or illegal content in Internet; • Protection from exploitation or involvement in illegal activity through Internet. Through this Project SACP offered specific answers to the necessity of a contemporary state policy directed to awareness raising on child safety in Internet and to effective protection of their rights as Internet users. Background As it is well known the transition to information society has not only positive sides and impact. Many of the negative effects of this transition concern to a high extent the children who are among the most active users of Internet. The first initiatives and projects in Bulgaria designed for the preparation of children for a competent, safe and responsible behaviour in Internet started in 1996/1997. Examples for that are some projects of the Bulgarian Section of the European Association of Teachers (AEDE such as “Internet in the Classroom”, “The Dark Side of Internet”, etc. Among their main objectives is the enhancement of the awareness of students, teachers and parents on the risks and threats to the security of children in the net, on the ways to protect children from harmful and illegal content and on crimes and abuses in Internet. Within the period 1996-1998 in several schools in Sofia were made the first attempts for teachers and students training in problems like: child pornography and pedophilia in Internet, abuse with personal data and

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