Practicum Exam Essay

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The Practicum Exam: 1. All carbon copies will be collected at the end of the practicum. Put you name on the carbon copy! 2. Any student whose phone goes off during the practicum or has any other “noise” discharged from their phones, or any other electronic device, will be excused from the practicum and a zero will be recorded as their final score. All phones will be off and remain stored away from the student at all times. 3. During the Practicum you may utilize all your resources to facilitate your exam. This however does not include cell phones. You may not use any cell phones to assist with calculations or procedures. This is a departmental requirement. 4. The practicum is over promptly at 3:50 PM. No student may continue working after this time. Any student who is caught experimenting after this time will receive a zero on their practicum. This is a departmental requirement as it is a liability issue. All professors and technicians will strictly enforce this rule. 5. You are strongly encouraged to follow the procedure given to on your syllabus. I have removed IR analysis from your practicum. 6. You may do your melting point test after you are finished with your practicum. If you wish the lab is also available Monday-Thursday 8:30AM-4:30PM. You may not experiment during this time! You are only allowed to do melting point. No reagents will be provided after 3:50PM. If you decide to do melting point on another day, you will not be given an extension for your practicum report. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENTIONS FOR ANYONE FOR ANY REASON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTACE! 7. This professor is barred by the department from this practicum. No questions will be answered or assistance given by this professor or technician or any other. There is one exception made to this rule discussed in the second section of this document. 8. Any student who seeks
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