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TO: President of the United States FROM: Secretary of State: SUBJECT: Iranian Nuclear Proliferation Program DATE: 04/17/2013 Mr. President, Iran’s ongoing attempts and experiments at enriching uranium are an issue that must be dealt with as soon as it is possible. Iran continue to claim that their research with uranium is just to help develop their nation, bringing power and electricity to their people that are living with little to none of this. However, we have good reason to believe that Iran actually working on enriching uranium for the use in weapons of mass destruction including IED’s and warheads on missiles. Our activities in the Middle East and the concerns of our allies and friends require us to intervene on Iran’s uranium enrichment program, regardless of its supposed goals that Iran claims it has. Know Your History: In the past century, Iran and the United States have had a strained relationship at best. Our involvement the Shah regime has left a poor image of ourselves to many people in the Iranian population; the older and middle aged population especially. A short time ago, we had a great opportunity to make a deal in negotiations with Iran when they sent us a sort of “Grand Bargain.” However, the letter practically shoved aside and was never sent a reply. Over time, as the results of events unfolded poorly (such events as the invasion of our embassy in Tehran and then the extraction of some of the members from that embassy, as well as the events stated above), everything added on top of each other making relations between our two nations what they have come to today. Due to these events and their outcomes, Iran has had a strong hold on their people with Anti-American propaganda spread through the population like wildfire. Current Events: Tensions between Iran, the United States, and the United Nations and several of the
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