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Kwak sun ho(20520) English 5B W. A. # 2 Rough Draft 6/14/2013 In the world, there are a lot of wonderful vacation spots looks like part of heaven. Among them, advanced and natural foreign countries take center among the all vacation spots around the world. And I found a vacation spot to make people satisfy, Germany. It helps me to enjoy summer break, and Germany became my favorite foreign country. Most memorable and amazing things of Germany are awesome structures, beautiful scenes, and delicious food. The structures in Germany are proper to travel spot. Structures are mostly catholic church or castle and they built with dark color blocks. Germany's structures are really old, so it smells a little and so some were messy. But almost structures are large, high and strong so people visit continuously. Therefore, historied and majestic structures are best travel spot in Germany. In addition to Germany's awesome structures, there are beautiful scenes. Germany is one of the most industrialized country in Europe, but unexpectedly Germany has a lot of natural beautiful landscapes and scenes. Around the straight, flat roads, skies are blue and white, fresh green grasses and large white slim wind power generator makes perfect harmony. Also Port city's deep blue sea and shiny sun light are exceedingly beautiful. In conclusion, beautiful scenes in Germany will never disappoint people. Besides the beautiful scenes, there is also delicious food in Germany. Germany's food is most delicious food in Europe and best restaurants make better taste. Restaurants in Germany are mostly placed inside the wooden building and little dark and very

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