Practical Skills Application and Brief Reflective Log

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SESSION 3 COMMUNICATION SKILLS Briefly describe the context/situation that the other person discussed The other person was indecisive of what to get for a friends birthday. They also wanted to know what my thoughts were on it and if I was able to contribute to the present. What did s/he say? How did you respond, using which verbal skills? (Paraphrasing, reflecting feeling, open questions, summarizing etc.) She wanted to get an iPad for a birthday present but sounded indecisive about which type. So I used reflective feeling by saying ‘you’re unsure of which iPad to get her’ and also an open ended question and asked ‘why are you thinking of getting her an iPad?’ This is good but a little more information needed to demonstrate how you used all of the micro skills listed on the assignment specification. Summarizing was used at the end of the conversation when we decided which iPad to buy and how much we wanted to contribute to the present. When and how did you use non-verbal skill? (Eye contact, silence) I used non-verbal skill when deciding which item to get and also how much I can chip in for the present. Eye contact was used throughout the conversation. What have you learnt? I have learnt there are different types of communication methods and in counselling its about the how to utilize them to get the most out of it. This is not self-reflective on the situation; think about whether a certain skill was better than another one, did it reveal an area you need to work on? SESSION 5 INNER CRITIC INNER CRITIC 1 - You are so forgetful. Its like you’re brain is not even there. Effects of self-criticism on my thinking: you’re such an idiot! How could you have forgotten! This just proves I’m unreliable and useless. Effects of self-criticism on my emotions: I feel upset at myself, hopeless and guilty. Effects of self-criticism on my actions: I would apologize many

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