Practical Report on Antimicrobial Agents

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| Practical Report | | | | Practical Report Introduction This specific experiment will demonstrate both the efficiency and the disinfecting capabilities of the various disinfectants used and if the experiment is followed correctly the results deemed should be noted that if the substance possess a chemical substances that inhibits the growth of the bacterial culture placed onto the agar (E.Coli) that inhibition zones will be created and we can tabulate and record the observation thus walking away with an understanding of the efficiency of the tested disinfectants used and their success rate. What is known about E.Coli is that it is normally found in food it is a Gram negative, rod shaped bacterium that can help the body break down and assists the body in digestion of food (Dowshen, 2009).Although certain strains of the E.Coli are pathogenic to humans such as the serotype O157:H7, this specific strain of E.Coli is known to cause food poising and can escalate and become life threatening (Nordqvist, 2011). Domestos is chlorine based bleaching agent (Directa, 2009) and is a common household cleaning substance that is used. Handy Andy is a common and popular general house hold cleaner. Dettol is trusted antiseptic and disinfectant and is widely used to fight unwanted bacteria (Thompson D. M.) It has a distinct and characteristic phenolic odour. Bleach is a chemical substance often used on fabrics to both disinfect the material but also lightens the colour via an oxidation process (Anne Marie). Why is the Experiment Important? This experiment is important because it will help us to not only observe but also determine how resourceful the various disinfectants are against the bacterial growth being E.coli.Having many industrial and insightful educational beneficial outcomes. Aim The aim of this experiment is to determine and demonstrate the

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