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Practicum A: Literacy and Numeracy 1 was conducted in grade 2/3W at St Joseph’s Primary School, Crib Point, Victoria. St Joseph’s Primary is a relatively small catholic school with approximately 170 students. Although the school is small every class is fairly large with the average class size being 27 students. For the most part the students are eager to try new activities in class and actively participate in classroom discussions and lessons. This is mostly due to the energetic and innovative climate at the school that allows teachers to use creative teaching methods in their classrooms. Each day begun with the Morning Prayer and roll call. Class 2/3W as well as 2/3M were split into two groups (higher and lower literacy levels) for 45 minutes of literacy work. The class then moved into reading groups for the remainder of the morning. After Recess the students had just over 1 hour to complete a mathematics lesson. Art, drama, PE conducted once per week. Every day offered new experiences with its own set of ups and downs. The student body of the school consists of students of varying backgrounds as well as students of all achievement levels. In each class there are anywhere from two to five special needs students with a large proportion of students on the autism spectrum whether diagnosed or presumed. In some cases these students have classroom aides that accompany them in the classroom to assist them with their work. The special education team is very effective and helpful at St Joseph’s and weekly meetings with the teachers, classroom aides, and support staff, assistant principle and principle have led to a classroom environment that supports the needs of these students. St Joseph’s culture and climate for learning and teaching is very supportive. Their technology resources are limited, but are expanding. The school has only one computer lab for all

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