Practical Based Assignment

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Unit LMC A1, Knowledge: Manage and develop yourself and your workforce within care services These case studies relate to the knowledge of A1. From my job description, three tasks have been chosen as listed and I have described what I do to make sure these tasks are carried out competently, effectively and safely. |Task in my job description |How do I do this at work to ensure this is carried out competently, effectively and | | |safely | |To support service users to acquire daily |By carrying out a needs assessment to identify the level of support required by the | |living skills and lead independent lives, |individual in the different areas of support need.By deriving a person centred | |while maintaining their health and safety.|support plan to identify the tasks that are to be carried out to ensure that the | | |service user meets their needs, and also identifying who carries out what task to | | |ensure that target times are met as agreed with the service user.By carrying out | |To maintain the health and safety of both |risk assessments that identify the hazards that the service user is exposed to and | |the service users and staff. |putting in place controls to minimize or eliminate the risks- reviewed regularly | | |too.By ensuring that staff receive regular trainings to equip them with the skills | |Lead a staff team that is highly |to carryout their roles.By working with other key professional to support the | |motivated, and encourage good |service user and ensure that they contribute meaningfully to meeting the needs of |

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