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Contact: Adam Toney Taco Bell Public Relations 224 W. Main Street Cordova, CA 96150 Ph: 530-359-2245 Fax: 1-800-224-9587 Email: Taco Bell Taco Bell is committed to serving our customers high quality food products. With more than 6,000 locations nationwide, Taco Bell is proud to serve nearly 36 million customers each week. August 8, 2013 – Taco Bell is proud to be the number one Mexican fast food chain in the United States. With that comes the responsibility to our most important aspects, which are our customers. Taco Bell serves food made to order at the customer’s request. Taco Bell encourages its customers to “Live Mas” both with its food and through its countless promotional and donation charities. Taco Bell has been in the recent spotlight regarding a lawsuit filed against the corporation claiming that our seasoned beef is only 35% real meat, when a customer who was allergic to soy had a reaction, claiming it was caused by a Taco Bell product. Taco Bell would like to stand tall to this large claim and suggest customers to check out our website, which lists all of the ingredients in Taco Bell Products. The meat used at each Taco Bell is purchased from the same farm, year after year, and Taco Bell is proud to have such a genuine connection with an outstanding meat producing farm. Taco Bell’s meat comes from the same producers as other top-rated meats a person would find in the supermarket. The meat fillers used in Taco Bell products contain a variety of spices and ingredients, which have all been approved and tested by the FDA. Taco Bell is investigating this particular circumstance as it does with all major issues as a result of product claims or allegations. It is our responsibility to provide consumers with the information related to particular allergies, whether it is soy, flour, particular

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