Power Quality and Emc in Smart Grid Essay

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Power Quality and EMC in Smart Grid Magnus Olofsson Director-General Swedish National Electrical Safety Board Kristinehamn, Sweden magnus.olofsson@elsakerhetsverket.se Abstract — Smart Grid is increasingly seen as a means to facilitate climate friendly renewable energy sources (renewables) and to enable efficient use of electricity. For example, modern electrical networks can link wind- and solar power with electric cars. A consequence of Smart Grid is a drastic increase in use of electronics in the power system. This makes the satisfactory function of electrical and electronic equipment vital for realization of a robust Smart Grid. This paper focuses on the satisfactory function of equipment for Smart Grid with respect to electromagnetic disturbances, i.e. EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility including Power Quality. Finally, a framework for the apportioning of responsibilities between network operators and the parties being responsible for the connection of equipment is proposed. Keywords — Power Quality, Voltage Quality, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Smart Grid, Smart SmartGrid, SmartGrids, Renewables I. EMC, Grids, SMART GRID – ENABLING GREEN ENERGY A. European Union Outlook The European Union, EU, is committed to reducing its overall carbon dioxide emissions to at least 20 % below 1990 levels by 2020. It has also set itself the target of increasing the share of renewables in energy use to 20 % by 2020 [1]. Electricity is obviously of great importance for renewables in terms of e.g. solar and wind power generation, but also for transformation of the car fleet into electrical propulsion. The European Union SmartGrids Technology Platform vision and strategy for Europe’s Electricity Networks of the Future was launched in 2006 [2]. The Smart Grid vision is aiming for “new products, processes and services, improving

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