The Power of One Essay

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Summer Independent Reading “You cannot open a book without learning something”─Irish proverb In every book there is a lesson to be learned, something useful to be carried away, or at least a saying or phrase that can help you to fulfill your life the best you can. In The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay a sentence that I could not get out of my head throughout the entirety of my reading was when Hoppie Groenwald said to Peekay, “first with the head and then with the heart.” Hoppie ultimately inspired Peekay to begin boxing and this quote stayed with him for the remainder of his story. In easier terms I believe Hoppie was trying to express to Peekay that you must first think of what you’re going to do and then strike with all your determination and heart. Peekay definitely strived to follow Hoppie’s advice and this helped him to become such a successful boxer. With the help of all the great people that Peekay meets throughout the course of The Power of One, he was fortunate enough to get some of the best boxing lessons, life lessons, and just overall love and care that anyone can ever receive. But before he began meeting all the wonderful people who would influence the rest of his life, Peekay’s life started off at an Afrikaans boarding school where he was severely beaten and tortured. He was referred to as Pisskop because he wet his bed at night and the other students physically tormented him for it. With no one to trust or count on, Peekay spent most of his time with his only friend, his pet chicken, Grampa Chook. By staying strong and persevering through all the grueling encounters with the Judge and other older kids, Peekay survived the horrible boarding school and finally began to experience life the way it should be. At the beginning of the book I learned that no matter how hard something is you always have to keep a positive mind set and look

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