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The Power of Words Journal Throughout the last couple of weeks, we have been discussing, reading, and writing about the power words have over us as individuals and our community here at Leo Hayes. The fact of the matter is that words have so much more meaning than simply letters arranged together on a piece of paper. They have the power to encourage, motivate, and inspire us to do great things, but as much as they can lift us up they can also tear us down. They are one of the most effective tools a person can use to discourage, hurt and even manipulate a person. Our words are used in negative ways every single day, but do we think twice about the impact our words have on those around us? The effect they had on Holly Grogan or Phoebe Prince? No, we use words far too lightly sometimes and do not consider the lasting affect hurtful words can have on our peers. It’s ironic that often hurtful words stay with us much longer than words of encouragement. When someone insults us, we mistake words that are rooted in confusion, anger or jealousy for actual truth. People say things when they are upset that they don’t mean, but we still believe them. Even if they do believe what they say, it still may not be the truth. It is there opinion, and it won’t always be right, but again we still believe them. Especially when you are young, it is so hard to be sure of yourself and confident and even the slightest statement can tear you down. In some ways, we have been shaped by the words people have said to us. Perhaps there are really outgoing, friendly people out there that have been silenced by hurtful words from their childhood. The reality is, we do not know how certain words will impact a person or the way they will interpret things. Even a light-hearted joke and really hurt someone. We should try to be more careful with what we say to people. On the other hand, we need to

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