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Power Of Words Essay

  • Submitted by: ahnaf105
  • on January 14, 2012
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“The Power of Words”
In modern day society language among people has really evolved in recent years, especially of a child’s vocabulary.   Nowadays the language of children is more vulgar, abrasive, and rude and it hits children like bullets. A lot of the usage of these vulgar words do reflect the background that the children of today come from as well. But being of an adolescent mind the effect I see from children using hurtful language is verbally abusing their peers with out sense of how much words can really hurt. Even though there is a quote, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” But on the contrary in many cases as seen on the playground words do hurt, and not only do they hurt, they hurt almost as much as physical pain. Being a mere child, it is a   delicate stage of their growing lives, and emotionally they are prone to being hurt verbally. For example I too was verbally abused when from elementary to middle school; I was called very racist and demeaning words. An example of how powerful words are as Lakoff states,” Bullets and bombs are not the only tools of war. Words, too, play their part (363).”
Growing up, my parents always told me to read so that I may have a extended vocabulary so that I can grow up to be a good ,well rounded ,citizen and never curse.   But nowadays I see little kids running their mouths off and using words such as, faggot, f*cker, or even sh*t hands. In result I am in shock and awe to what these kids are exposed to and in result saying what they are saying and a lot of the language probably comes from households that they live in, or from their peers. But even though these may just be words, it may lead to abrasive behavior and just overall rude language. Children should not use language that they are too young for cause it may get them into trouble. So if a child wants to become a good citizen he/ or she should not use bad language that they are too young for, so that they can grow up to be a good...

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