Power Of The Particular Essay

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Power of the Particular Writers have to make choices in order to help persuade the reader to the author’s side of an argument. In the pieces “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi, “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Dr.Martin Luther King and “Against School” by John Taylor Gatto, these writing choices are included to grab the reader’s attention and to convince people to agree with their side of a problem. Each author uses the power of the particular to grab the reader’s attention and bring them to their side of a conflict. Power of the particular is used in many different ways such as, imagery, stories and their own personal experience. King and Nafisi bring a lot of imagery by describing to the reader many true events that have occurred in their community. King and Nafisi use symbolism to show the severity of their life and what their everyday trials are. Nafisi dramatizes the everyday life of women so that the reader can see how her life style is affected. King tries to appeal to the readers by stating his reputation in the community and the wisdom that he has to let the reader know of his knowledge. Another use of power of the particular is personal experience. Personal experience is included by John Gatto and Nafisi in their works. Gatto uses his personal experience in the field of teaching to explain to his reader how bad the public school system is in the United States. While Nafisi tells her personal experience to show how women are treated in Tehran. King and Nafisi both bring very detailed imagery to the readers; they can then visualize the author’s problems. King’s goal was to bring to the attention of people that segregation is wrong and that the civil right movement was just. He incorporates imagery into his works so that he can appeal to the emotional aspect of the reader. King writes, “When you have seen vicious mobs lynch your
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