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The Power of Suggestion The Salem witch trials, now that’s a curiosity of mine. Was it true? Did witches really take over Salem for one season creating havoc throughout the village? Or is there a logical explanation to why all of this occurred? These are all questions running through people’s heads; but in reality, can we really know for sure? What started out as three young girls dancing in the woods turned into an unusual phenomenon that spread throughout an entire village. If witches were really the culprits to all of this, then why has it happened only once? These three girls started having seizers and were getting sick with no explanation; so we are just supposed to believe that witches had to be behind it because they claimed to see the devil and his accomplices. The whole world went to hell because people followed one man who said Jews were the root of all evil and were not meant to exist. Billions and billions of people died because people fell to the power of suggestion. That is exactly what happened in Salem; a few girls were set on an idea and people began to follow them and too many people lost their lives because of it. So with the power of suggestion the whole village believed the three girls, but how did the hallucinations and such occur if not by witches? Scientists think it could have been because of this drug that grew on their plants. They checked the habitat analysis and said the conditions of that season that the witch trials occurred were perfect for it to grow. How do we know for sure though? It could be just a coquncadence. Lets pretend it could be witches, where are they now? It is just that one time in Salem they wanted to appear and now they no longer exist? Are they like dinosaurs and just got extinct? Or maybe there just in hiding ad do all of their magic and curses on the low key of society, hoping no one will notice and that

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