Power Of Storytelling Essay

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The power of Storytelling. Throughout the ages, my father once told me about how his family influenced him to be the man he is today. The story that really made an impact on his life was the one that his father once told my father. It started during the Soviet war in Afghanistan; my grandfather was an infantry rifleman for the country of Pakistan. He was sent behind enemy lines with a squad of twelve other riflemen, and they were to hide and arm explosives within certain camps on a mountain. During their mission of planting a pound a plastic explosives, a guard noticed their present which leads to the intruder alarm going off. My grandfather whose name is Arama, managed to escape as the Russians killed all but two men. He ran into the nearby forest, and Russian K-9 units chased after him. He was running away as fast as possible with his AK-47 and basic infantry gear, and it was quite heavy from what I hear. He was certain that he was going to get caught, and then he was at a dead end, which there was a cliff right in front of him. He looked behind him, and saw how hungry the dogs looked. He looked in his infantry backpack and noticed a parachute. Just maybe there was a chance for him to escape. He jumped off the cliff and pulled out the parachute and was gliding down the giant mountain. It took a few minutes for him to land but he could hear the Russians screaming at him in the distance. He landed on a tree in the middle of a forest. His parachute line was tangled up in the branches of the tree resulting in him hanging lifelessly. He didn’t know what to do because his backpack and gear dropped on the ground. So he was dangling above the ground and was thinking about ways he could cut his parachute cord. He found a knife in his ballistic vest and attempted at cutting the cord. He succeeded, and then picked up all of his gear that fell and ran to the nearest

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