Power of Optimism

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Power of Optimism Optimism is a basic personality trait an individual may have. If held this personality trait will continue to have strong and life changing impacts on the individual’s overall wellbeing. As stated by Grenville Kleiser; “Every good thought you think is contributing its share to the ultimate result of your life”. An optimist always anticipates the best possible outcome regardless of the circumstances. They will not be analyzing about what happens. Instead they look at the hopeful interpretation of what has happened. Optimists expect things to turn out well and do things that can change the course of events to the positive. This anticipation, expectation, and motivation to change the course of events shines with power and can be positively life changing. In general the power of optimism brings a healthier future, stronger immune system, and a longer life span. Someone who is optimistic is continually sending a constant “live” message throughout the body. The purpose of this paper is to expand on what the constant “live” message delivered throughout the body is and does. The paper identifies the concept of how the message is delivered, the positive outcomes from the delivery, as well as the differences and negative outcomes. From the start the “live” message affects length of living. A person who believes that they are in bad health increases their morality rate whereas as an optimistic with their “live” message delivered throughout the body does the opposite. This differs per individual i.e. Age, sex, race, religion, social economic status, however all coming from the same precise positive
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