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Bryan Davey Ms. Morris ENG2D April 9th 2015 Realities in The Power Of One What does a shooting have to do with a broken jaw in a book, what does an injured prisoner have to do with a missing box of strawberries? Scenarios in The Power Of One can be more real than you think. Firstly, a prisoner and a missing box of strawberries don’t seem to share many similarities. Well, in the story, after Doc has been arrested and sent to jail there are two officers standing in the office, one nicknamed Klipklop and another called Lieutenant Smit, As a prisoner entered the room Klipklop slapped him across the face. Klipklop continued to harm the man until he finally gave his reasoning, he accused the prisoner of devouring his cookies that…show more content…
In both the story and a news event, a police officer abuses his privileges and attempts to get away with a crime. In the story, After Peekay arrives at his new home, he is at Doc’s cottage with a police sergeant. Doc has angered the sergeant and has caused the sergeant to start attacking Doc. Peekay notices the sergeant winding up for a big kick and jumps in between the two. The sergeant kicked and ended up slamming into Peekay’s jaw. He later made up a story that blamed the injury on Doc. A similar event occurred in the news a few days ago. A man named Walter Scott was running away from an officer named Michel Slager. The officer shot Walter eight times and killed him. The officer decided he could get away with it so he made up a story that gave acceptable cause for shooting Walter. Both of these stories involve an officer committing a crime and then trying to evade the repercussion. These police officers abuse their power and privileges for their benefit only. They pushed the blame onto the victim and created a problem for someone else. Both scenarios had the officer proved guilty but the damage was already done and the victims had to deal with the officers responsibility. This was a bad decision for the officers because it meant that someone else was blamed for their crime but also they ended up responsible for it anyways. The Power Of One is a very realistic book. It had scenes that are relatable to events that continue to happen very often around the world. It’s messages continue to contain meaning in an ever changing world, that’s what makes a good

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