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Power of Music Essay

  • Submitted by: amrhatem
  • on May 12, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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In the modern time, music instrument can be found everywhere. Different kinds of instruments are on sell in musical instrument shops. Besides, there are also many books about music to teach us how to compose or play music instruments. What’s more, many training institutions teach students to acquire music techniques. And different kinds of examinations about music try to test our music level. But problems occur when people try to gain music technique. Some people believe it is the most important to acquire music technique. So in this essay, it talks about whether music is art or technique. In the first part, it refers to something about the character of music art. In the second part, the focus is on the technique of music. Finally, this essay tries to tell that people should not fall into the trap of technique.
It is incredible for us to live without music. Different kinds of music can be found everywhere. Young people often wear headphone to listen to pop music when they walk around. Someone prefer to classic music or musical play. Music often makes the listeners feel happy, sad, excited or negative. The art of music can cause a strong feeling in people’s heart directly, (even) some kinds of music can even cure mental illness. What’s more, music’s territory can cover the whole world as almost everyone would like to hear music no matter where he comes from.
Music art produced as sound wave vibrate. It performs as the time flows. It can cause different kinds of emotional reactions and emotional experience by people’s hearing organ. Music is the component of country or area’s culture. So it may affect the nation’s culture level and people’s quality. Music will have a positive or negative influence on people’s mind. In some western country, people have great enthusiasm on music creation. Some music can affect people’s way of thinking and even children’s intelligence. By enjoying elegant music people would like to behave gracefully. So it plays a significant role in...

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