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It seems that the power of music plays an immense part in today’s way of life. As I evaluate the various topics and experiences from other musicians, it not only inspires me, but the billions of people around the world. Music is evaluated and defined differently by each and every person in the world. Being a personal fan of various genres has not only strengthened my love of music, but for the stories and lessons that it teaches. When watching the music video, I have learnt that music is not just a bunch of words thrown into a beautiful tune, but a way for people to communicate and say the words they couldn’t say before. A way you could transform any dream into reality. Ziggy Marley recognized in the video that music is the most powerful tool in society, that it can end wars and conflicts. I would have to agree. Music is an endemic part of nature in which people rely on for almost everything we do. The power of music has brought people from all around the world, shared their views on certain topics, experiences and stories. Without music, life would be overly undereducated. I read that the studies of music show that music has been around much longer than human life. Hundreds of genres exist in our world told; personally I can only name a couple. Each and every song/genre tells a different story, experience, emotion, etc. Just like Clint Black mentioned in the video, that as soon as he hears a song he starts to weep. I personally also have that connection. I can listen to a song and feel the direct pain or situation they’ve put themselves into. The power of music continues to this day to share the beliefs and views of cultures all around the world. Personally being a songwriter/performer, I admire creating music and being able to inspire others by sharing my dreams, my life, more importantly my story. Music means everything to me. Music is the power of daily

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