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Anderson Andrew Anderson Professor Hirst English 111 September 22 Getting Inside My Head It was fall and I was beginning a new era in my life. I was enrolling in William E. Grady High School. You see, I was a cocky freshman who was looked at as a “noob”, a know-it-all. I love wrestling, and have ever since I was in the third grade. I practiced with my gym coach, hoping to be able to making it in life as an Olympic wrestler. So I joined the varsity wrestling team. I was pretty good for my criteria, even though I was a freshman. It was only because I’ve been doing this all my life but, I was too hardheaded to channel my skills with my power. I walked into tryouts as if I ran the place. “Whose captain”, I’d shouted eagerly. “That would be me”, Hendy replied with confidence. The whole room got quiet and was stunned to see a novice approach Hendy like that. Hendy was undefeated. It’s like I was signing my own death warrant. No one had ever spoken to Hendy with so much confidence and brute force before. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into that day. “I challenge you Hendy, for your captain position!” The team died in laughing. It’s as if I was a party clown to lighten up the mood for practice. Boy was I wrong. “Are you dumb? Like really, what a pipsqueak novice like you knows about wrestling. You’re a freshmen, for crying out loud. You walk in here like you know…” “Alright enough chit chat, you gonna wrestle me or not?” I cut him off. “I think you should go, before you eat those words” I’d shown no respect that day, nor had I been spoken to like that. I never thought he would pay any attention to me. It looked like he took his captain position spot seriously, and for me to approach him like that must have really upset him. Oh well. Let the wrestling match begin. Crunch time! Wrestling matches consist of three rounds of two

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