Power Of Choice Essay

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Imagine a world where there is no choice and your whole life is set out for you by the law. This is the reality in the texts Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and Gattaca by Andrew Niccol. Composers Bradbury and Niccol use contrast, theme and characterisation to convey to their audience that no matter what situation you are in you have the power of choice. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 the protagonist Guy Montag lives in a society that is heavily controlled and censored. Books are banned in their society to prevent all discord and unhappiness but that causes the opposite effect with Montag. Montag is a fireman whose job is to burn the books of those that break the law. At the start of the novel Bradbury describes Montag’s attitude towards his job in the words “it was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed”. This quote from the novel, Bradbury uses purposely to set Montag up in a way where the audience see’s him as fitting into society and conforming to the law. The quote also conveys to the reader that Montag has a great love for his job and respects the law a great deal. Another reason Bradbury choose to portray Montag the way he does at the start is so the reader can see the contrast from Montag’s attitude at the start of the novel in comparison to the end. Montag’s point of view towards his job changes when he gets called out to a job at a house where a lady has been found to be hiding books. As the fireman start spreading kerosene around the house, Montag starts setting books a light and its then a page of a book hangs open and Montag reads the line ‘time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine’. This moment and the perseverance of the lady who stayed in her house as it went up in flames because of her belief in the contents of the books caused Montag to ultimately change and realise that he as a
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