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The Power of Adventure In the book, Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, Krakauer writes about his failed exploration in Alaska that forced him to turn around after many setbacks. Chris McCandless, the main character of this novel is found dead in an abandoned bus in the Alaskan wilderness and his travels are retraced back through the two years he went missing. Krakauer explores McCandless’s motivations and experiences to recount on his own experience attempting to climb Devils Thumb. Most of Krakauer’s life was spent in and around Alaska, which was a major influence to write this novel. Krakauer’s childhood was a life outdoors and full of adventure, which was brought on by his father. Throughout his entire life he had a passion for mountaineering and climbing, and inevitably gave him a motivation to write about the outdoors and climbing. McCandless shows some of the qualities that Krakauer possesses; he has no fear of what may come next, and has the guts to try anything to challenge himself. McCandless was a rebelled toward his upper-class society which raised him and ran away without a destination. He did this to find what the world is actually like without…show more content…
McCandless was very much like his father, as was Krakauer, which gives another tie to who McCandless resembles in Krakauer’s life. Into the Wild is an exaggerated story of who Krakauer really is. He lived his life on the edge climbing mountains that would seem impossible, but he has a limit. McCandless on the other hand had the attitude to go until he could not go anymore, which lead to his death. Krakauer is trying to show that his life is full of adventure and death defying feats, but he trained himself to know when the road gets too rough. Both men are intelligent, but McCandless uses it for the wrong things. He believes his intelligence will prevent the dangers of his travels, instead of preventing himself from going in to those

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