Power Hungry In Macbeth

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Towards the beginning of the play Macbeth is portrayed as power hungry. When Macbeth finds out King Duncan has declared Malcolm as the new king he becomes very jealous and confused. Leading him to start having thoughts towards killing Duncan and taking the throne for himself. It was considered a sin against god for anyone to try and alter their position in life. Macbeth is determined to become king. He uses the quotation ‘let not light see my black and deep desires’ this shows his ambition is immoral and he wishes to no-one to find out about it. He prays no light illuminates his ambition to become royalty showing his plans are very deep and grim. The quotation gives a very evil deathly feeling in the atmosphere forming a scared uncomfortable…show more content…
He uses a rhetorical question ‘how can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe, or how delineate the wretch whom with such infinite pains and care I had endeavoured to form?’ the use of the rhetorical question makes the reader think about the answer themselves which continues to engage them in the story wondering what’s going to happen. Also he uses the word ‘catastrophe’ which demonstrates how much of a disaster his ‘lifelong ambition’ has turned out to be, it also infers he regrets what he has done instantly and it scared of what suffering the monster could cause. The use of the word ‘infinite’ and ‘pain’ could indicate he’s frightened that the monster will cause continuous never ending amounts of unhappiness and all because of his dream to become a famous physician this also leads him to start feeling remorseful of the trouble he could have caused for his own benefit. Using the word ‘delineate’ shows he is lost for words on how he could describe this creature. Indicating he is fearful and in shock. Also referring the monster to a ‘wretch’ indicates how unpleasant it is in creating an unfriendly petrifying image of the creature in the readers
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