Power Former Essay

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POWER FORMER 1. INTRODUCTION The high voltage generator is called power former. At present, a new concept of rotating machines enables direct connection of synchronous generators to the transmission network without any intervening step-up transformer as is illustrated in Fig.1.1. [pic] Fig.1.1. Schematic diagram of a conventional plant with step-up transformer and the same plant when the new technology is used Where 1 –Generator ,2 -Generator CB , 3 -Surge arrester , 4 -Step-up transformer, 5- Line circuit-breaker . Such synchronous machines are called Power formers. Power former revolutionizes the age-old power generation technology and makes a quantum leap in electrical engineering. The idea of connecting generators directly to the transmission network is rather old. The Power former can generate electricity at voltages between 20 kilovolts (kV) and 400 kV. The Power former represents a completely new concept in generator technology. Conventional generators produce electricity at voltages that are too low to be efficiently transmitted over long distances. Linking them to the high-voltage transmission network requires large transformers to boost the voltage. The Power former uses advanced cable technology to generate high-voltage directly, eliminating the need for a transformer and other associated equipment. The Power former’s unique design has a number of operational and environmental benefits. Because the total installation is smaller and more efficient, it also reduces maintenance costs. It can be custom-built to provide any output voltage, and other aspects of its design contribute to greater network stability and more reliable performance during periods of short-term power overload. In May 1998, the first Power former was commissioned in the Porjus Hydro Power Station in Sweden. 1.1 Power

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