Power Elite Sociology

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The sociological experience I would like to talk about is one that each member of this world is in each day whether they know about it or not. I am talking about the power and control of the world’s elite. The top 1 percent of the earth’s population makes 500 thousand plus a year. This capitalistic group controls a third of this countries wealth. This power elite owns most of Wall Street and the conglomerate companies in the world. These members are all in groups that associate with each other to plan the future of this world without our knowledge. The main groups that these people have formed are the Bilderburg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. The fact that these people exist is not a bad thing.…show more content…
The fact is that every president that has been elected since John F. Kennedy has been associated to these groups and votes in favor to help these groups stay in power. The presidential position has turned into a puppet position. Most ideas of how to help this country and world directly stem from the Wall Street executives themselves. What was once hidden from the public to prevent backlash, is being openly shown to the public now. By this I mean a new world order. David Rockefeller speaks of this new world order as a world government tied to a world bank to keep everything running smoothly. This has gone past the stage of an idea and is being told to us that it is the only way to save our world. The main problem is that this would leave our world in an almost communist state. The banking leaders and conglomerate elite will be kept in power…show more content…
The Federal Reserve System is the company that makes the United States money. This is a privately owned company, which is supposed to have no ties with the government besides doing business to supply the money. The previous president of the Federal Reserve System in New York is Timothy Geithner. This is a member of the Bilderburg Group and the Trilateral Commission. He is now our secretary of treasury. The former president of a private bank is now controlling all the money that comes out of that bank. If he would like to make more money, he just has to order more. This seems completely illegal. Many others that Obama has put in office are very similar to Geithner. The secretary of state Hillary Clinton is in the Bilderburg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations. Her husband Bill is in the trilateral commission. Our national security advisor James L. Jones is in the Bilderburg Group, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Thomas Donilon, the deputy national security advisor, is a CFR and Trilateral Commission Member. Henry Kissinger, the state department special envoy, is also in these three main groups. The list goes on to over 40 of the highest ranking political figures that all associate with these groups. These members such as James Steinberg, Paul Volcker, Dennis C. Blair, Robert Gates, Richard Haass, Alan Greenspan, and Richard C. Holbrook are running this country

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