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Power and Influence 1 Power and Influence In Murrieta CA, where I live, I was leaving a gas station located in a diverse business complex. Behind this business complex like many areas in Murrieta, is a large area of 2 undeveloped land. Two professionally dressed men, probably in their 40's, with their wives along with a general contractor were overseeing a large truck flattening the dirt and preparing it for future construction. I'm going to assume that these men purchased this land and are developing it for future business. They are business developers. I'm not sure how they got there, but somehow they have the means to take on an endeavor like this. This serves as a reminder for one of the things I want to do in my life. If I'm going to do this I'll need to find a method to position myself to carry out any endeavor I choose. Becoming an effective manager takes time and patience. In this essay I would like to focusing on becoming an effective manager through power and influence. Background I have a some experience in the world of management. I have owned and operated a handyman business and a home remodeling construction business. I hired a few employees and made enough money to support myself. I will admit I had no vision for the future during this time. I also work my way up in the Marine Corps and was given the responsibility of platoon sergeant. Here there was a little more vision for the future. Although I knew I was getting out of the military, I took the responsibility on and worked as though I was planning for a 20 year career. I selflessly trained my Marines and at the same time made myself suitable for every merit award available. That is how I spent my professional life for the last 10 years. Currently my three favorite extra curricular activities are getting creative, home DIY projects, food,

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